Thailand Day 4: Mae Sot, The first day of shooting

The first day’s shoot on the start of the long journey that will take in four continents and likely up to two years plus to complete took place at the headquarters of the Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma) AAPP in Mae Sot. More than 30 former political prisoners kicked off the project in style – an unbelievable start in the quest to photograph more than 300 in order to complete the project. It was more than I could ever have Assistance Association for Political Prisoners (Burma)expected and caught be unaware as well as wishing I had someone else to help me so I could spend time with everyone rather than just be taking photos. In a way it was a real missed opportunity to interview people, to take some video footage, but then again it didn’t really matter. It finally hit me that this is really just the start of it and potentially the start of something big. To be in the company of 30+ former political prisoners all enjoying themselves in being part of this, but more importantly doing it because they believe in it. This was the biggest buzz yet. It didn’t matter about missed opportunities to talk to anyone here for after all there will be another time – I will be spending much of my time over the next few years becoming as close to the lives of these men and women as I possibly can.

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