Thailand Day 15: Noh Boh and Mae Usu Temporary Shelters

A sideline from daily events with political prisoners involved several trips north of Mae Sot to take supplies to the new refugee arrivals at Noh Boh and Mae Usu. On 6th June the Burmese army and the DKBA launched a major military offensive against the KNLA in Papun District near the Thai Burma border. More than 4,000 refugees were forced to flee across the Moei river to safety in Thailand by the Burmese army and the DKBA have relocated to a new temporary shelter in Noh Boh village, Thailand on 11th July. Food, medicines and other supplies are in desperate need. The Thai military provide security to the camp in case of attack by the DKBA or Burmese army.

Karen refugees at Noh Boh


Villagers from Ler Per Her IDP camp and surrounding villages were forced to flee from their homes on June 6th as the Burmese military launched a major offensive against the KNLA. The villagers fled across the Moei river into Thailand and sought refuge in Noh Boh village in monasteries and local orphanages. They have now been re-located once again to this area where they have been allowed to form a temporary shelter – unofficially it has become the tenth refugee camp on the Thai Burma border.
But they do not want to become refugees.
All they want to do is go home.

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