Some of the many things that the outside world didn’t know…

Veteran journalist, former political prisoner, vice-president of the Burma Media Association and Director of Media and Information for the NCGUB, U Zin Linn reveals just one element of the extent to which authorities in Burma monitor and harass the daily life of opposition members, activists, students and former political prisoners.

Click here to hear U Zin Linn discuss military surveillance in Burma

Below is the text to accompany the above audio excerpt from the interview.

ZL: The administration in each wardship, the PDC office, in every office on the wall there is a map of the ward, street by street, house by house and they will mark by colour, if there is an NLD member they will mark it red and if a student activist…and so on. Everyone is classified. Every house is on the map and at every tenth house is a Headman. The Headman is the informer. If there is an incident with a family they watch everything, where they go, who they talk to, who they visit, everything. And if someone from the family has health problem or is hospitalised then the Headman he has to inform to the authorities. If the NLD family member is in hospital, he informs the authorities then the authorities go to the hospital to discharge them?

JM: To discharge them? To not let them be in the hospital?

ZL: Yes. So there are many things that the outside world didn’t know.

This is U Zin Linn. He was detained in 1982 for 3 years in Insein prison and then again in 1990 for 8 years in Insein prison.

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