Burma Day 3: The Moment of Truth

Early morning in the side-streets of downtown Rangoon and the monsoon rains have already started. Secret telephone calls amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, not to mention the watching eyes of the curious, the fearful and the military stooges. The meeting is on. A day now even deeper undercover, but we take these risks because they need to be taken. Security reasons prevent more than this outline reporting. It’s the most incredible moment of my life. Total success as I manage to get to Bangkok without being caught, deported or worse – apart from a funny incident where I thought I had been rumbled. Killing time before making my way to the airport I was walking in the evening rain through People’s Park when across the other side of the park I heard the sound of blasts form a whistle. I looked across and there were two policeman on bikes making their way across the park towards me. I froze for a second unsure what to do but knowing that my memory cards were safely hidden should I be stopped by these policemen. Panic over, however as they rode on past me, still blowing their whistles… perhaps it was time for the park to close… who knows, but it certainly spooked me for a moment!

Full details will be released when safe to do so. SPDC your time will come.

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