U Win Tin – The Voice of Reason (audio)


U Win Tin, one of Burma’s most prominent and outspoken former political prisoners and founding member of the National League for Democracy, gives his opinion on what it takes to deal with Burma’s military regime.
The full unedited version of this exclusive interview to follow (previously published in an edited format).

Click here for the EXCLUSIVE AUDIO of U WIn Tin’s opinion

U Win Tin

UWT: Well you see my opinion about this government is you see, that when you have to face with a military government, you need a little bit of courage, some sort of confronting you see. Because if you are always timid and afraid and intimidated they will step on you. Sometimes you have to make yourself a bit courageous, outspoken and so on.

JM: Is that what’s kept you going for so long, considering all your years in prison?

UWT: That is why when people tell me I should keep a low profile because people are very anxious about my security. You can be snatched back to prison at any time, but you can’t help it.

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