Approaching 100 as more than 100 are released

With 128 political prisoners confirmed as having been released by AAPP, attention must still be spotlighted on the remaining 2,083 political prisoners suffering in silence in Burma. Whilst the world can push for dialogue with the Generals, there can be absolutely no meaningful outcome until all political prisoners are released.

The UK is one of the few countries in the world that has a large Burmese population and many are resettled in Sheffield in the north of England. There are also a small number of former political prisoners living in Sheffield, so a quick weekend trip away brings the UK leg of the project one step closer to completion and nearer a total of 100 former political prisoners photographed to date. Unfortunately Toe Toe Tun’s husband was unavailable, so a return trip will be made in the coming weeks before the project moves to Norway.

U Khun Saing

Khun Saing was jailed on three seperate occasions for a total of 9 years. Insein prison 1977 for 1 year. Thayet prison in 1989 for 3 years and then Shwebo prison in 1997 for 5 years. He fled Burma in 2006 to the Thai-Burma border where his wife and young son are still living awaiting resettlement to the UK to join him. The names on U Khun Saing’s t-shirt are his political prisoner colleagues still behind bars in Burma – it adds a further personal touch to the statement being made and re-iterates the concept that no-one will feel truely free until they are all released.

Toe Toe Tun

Toe Toe Tun was detained for 8 years in Insein prison from 1990-1999. She fled Burma with her husband and son to the Thai Burma border in 2006.

Daw Mi Mi Tun

Daw Mi Mi Tun from Kachin State was detained for 2 years in Mandalay prison and 2 years in Myitkyina prison.

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