Norway Day 6: So Long, Not Goodbye

The final day of our whirlwind trip to Norway and still no time to see the sights. It’s a shame but it’s not a problem because we’ll be back in Norway at least 3 or more times next year… I feel this is the start of a long affair. With 11 former political prisoners already photographed on this trip so far we have just one more person to meet today in Oslo before we head back to DVB for a final round of interviews. There are a number of people who we have not been able to see in both Oslo and Gjovik, mainly because they were either unavailable or we could not contact them, but to have photographed 12 former political prisoners is a fantastic result in this quick trip an dsets it up nicely to return in 2010 to photograph all of the others. We make our way across town to meet with Dr U Win Maung at his home. He was jailed for 5 years in Mandalay prison for his political activities. The former political prisoner chosen to be written on his hand is Bauk Naw, an NLD leader from Dr U Win Maung’s home town of Mytkyina in Kachin state. One of only 4 Burmese doctors in Oslo, he is currently still waiting to pass his final conversion exams to be able to practice fully in Norway. As this is our final day we do not have as long as we would have liked to spend with Dr U Win Maung but our interview will be available here soon.

The rest of the afternoon was spent back at DVB for some final filming as part of the ongoing collaboration with Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB) and as part of the latest documentary shot by Than Win Htut, we also did a brief interview explaining the background as well as discussing the current situation of Burma’s political prisoners. Here’s a brief teaser as the interview and dcoumentary will be broadcast at some point in early 2010.

There’s always a surprise around the corner and I wasn’t expecting a full studio interview – but it was fun and no doubt will take a lot of editing as once I start talking its often hard to stop! Unfortunately that marks the end of our first trip to Norway and the latest leg on this world tour for Burma’s political prisoners. It’s been incredible, so much more than I could ever have imagined with friends made for life but more importantly some very good portraits taken that will build this campaign and take it to a new level. There are just too many people to thank here for making it all possible. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. But that said the final word goes to the Secretary General for all her hard work in making this happen as it couldn’t be done without her – especially for all those hours spent holding her hand in the air as a stand in. So long Norway… but not goodbye.

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