On Becoming a Friend Of Burma

Competition wins, awards and back slapping congratulations are all well and good but are only any use if they can help to promote the message that the work contains – and in my case that message is Burma and it’s 2,176 political prisoners. The most meaningful and also often the most prestigious recognition that one can achieve is from one’s peers and the very people that the work is about. Last week I had the greatest honour being interviewed by Nyan Winn Aung at Radio Free Asia for the feature show “Friends of Burma”. I am truely amazed to be joining a long list of highly esteemed and respected activists including Debbie Stothard (ALTSEAN), Jeremy Woodrum (US Campaign for Burma), Ms.Yuki Akimoto (Director of Burma-Info), Mark Farmaner (BCUK) to name a few – all of whom I look up to with great admiration and respect for their untiring work for Burma’s Democracy movement. To be considered a “Friend of Burma” (and in such company) is truely my greatest achievement yet. My only hope is that it will help keep the names and silent voices of those 2,176 at the forefront of everyone’s hearts and minds.

Thank you to Nyan Winn Aung at RFA for a really enjoyable interview that went on for just over an hour!! But you can listen to the edited version of the interview here

The hard work is only just beginning as 2010 is a matter of a few days away… but for now the perfect end to the year and the perfect Christmas gift – a”Friend of Burma”. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in this work to date.

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