Bangkok: Emergency on Planet Earth

When we first arrived in Bangkok on March 20th the red shirt demonstrations had just started the day before and Bangkok was a carnival atmosphere with thousands in cars and bikes on a friendly procession the rough the main streets. Now some 3 weeks later we’re back in Bangkok (after a short break on a beach!) and Sukhumvit is awash in a sea of red – the shopping centres are all closed and the Ratchaprasong intersection now resembles Glastonbury rather than the centre of a one of the biggest and busiest shopping districts in SE Asia.

The main section of Sukhumvit is now closed, there are are thousands of people here, food stalls, music, stalls selling everything you can think of in red, a massive stage and it’s right here in the middle of the tourist and shopping heartland of Bangkok – only MBK is still open – it’s incredible how this has been allowed to happen and I already fear how it may turn out in the coming weeks – there are some very pressing issues at the core of Thai politics and society that need to be addressed and maybe now they are starting to come to a point of no return. Only time will tell. This morning Jackie flew back to England as she is unable to join me on the next part of the trip into Burma – we started this trip with the release of Nyi Nyi Aung and I don’t really want to end it with the arrest of Miss J San. The day is spent running through final checks, and final meetings before flying into Rangoon tomorrow where I am hoping my ‘Visa on Arrival’ will be waiting for me with no problems. Arriving back at the hotel later in the evening I am handed a letter from the hotel management (see below) informing me that there has been a ‘State of Emergency’ declared by the Prime Minister and public gatherings of 5 or more are outlawed!!! Welcome to Burma one day early!!

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