Waihnin Pwint Thon Speaks for Burma and Political Prisoners at the UK Labour Party Conference

The issue of Political Prisoners and Burma has taken centre stage today at the annual British Labour Party conference being held in Manchester, UK. The short film made about this political prisoner work was shown as an introduction to a speech from Waihnin Pwint Thon, daughter of jailed 88 Generation Student leader Ko Mya Aye,


Waihnin Pwint Thon demands the release of her father Mya Aye

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  1. ညီမေလးေရ….ငါတို႕နုိင္ငံကိ…….ု တုိင္းျပည္ကို မိန္႕ခြန္း အသံထြက္ျပီး မေျပာပဲ နဲ႕ ႏွစ္ ၂၀ ေက်ာ္ အုပ္ခ်ဳပ္ခဲ့တဲ့ အာဏာရူးျကီးကို ညီမေလးမိန္႕ခြန္းေျပာတာ ျကည့္ေစခ်င္ပါတယ္….

  2. Hi…sis,
    I really appreciate and proud of your speech and performance for our Mother Country…Ur speech is better than all stupid Generals..we’re trying to get what we want for our country…so I’m always support for u..You have done the best of you and great speech at the front of World….thz for that

  3. Hello Wai Hnin,
    Your faith for our country makes me brave more than yesterday. I have the same hope as you do that there will be a brighter way in Myanmar for your father,the people and as well as all politicians who have been captured for years because of their faith.

  4. A Haiku for Wai Hnin Pwint Thon

    Our bright star,
    You shine on Burma;
    Support ours!

  5. A Haiku for Wai Hnin

    Our Star,
    You shine on Burma;
    Support ours!

  6. Masked Ace says:

    ၀ိုင္းႏွင္းပြင့္ ခ်ီးက်ဴးဂုဏ္ယူပါတယ္။ ဒါေပမဲ့ ပရိသတ္ေတြကို ေျပာခ်င္ပါတယ္။ အခုေထာင္ထဲမွာ ရွိေနတဲ့ ႏိုင္းငံေရးအက်ဥ္းသားေတြရဲ႕ သတၱိနဲ႕ေတာ့ မႏႈိင္းခ်င္ဘူး။ ေသနတ္ေျပာင္း၀မွာ အမွန္ကို အမွန္အတိုင္းေျပာတာနဲ႕ ဆူးေျငာင့္ခလုတ္မရွိတဲ့ ေဟာခန္းမမွာ အသံအက်ယ္ၾကီးေျပာတာ သတၱိခ်င္း မတူပါဘူး။ ၀ိုင္းႏွင္းပြင့္ျဖဴကို သိကၡာခ်ခ်င္လို႕ ေျပာတာမဟုတ္ဘူး။ ႏိုင္ငံေရးယံုၾကည္ခ်က္အတြက္ ေထာင္ထဲမွာ အမွန္တကယ္ဒုကၡခံေနတဲ့သူေတြ အေပၚ ေလးစားယံုၾကည္မႈ ေလ်ာ့က်သြားမွာ စိုးလို႕ ေစတနာစိတ္ သန္႕သန္႕နဲ႕ေျပာတာပါ။ အမွန္ဆိုရင္ ၀ိုင္ႏွင္းပြင့္ဟာ a new political angle for Myanmar ပါ။


    • လံုးဝလက္ခံပါတယ္…. ဒီေလာက္ေလးေျပာယံုနဲ႔ ေဒၚစုနဲ႔ ခိုင္းႏႈိင္းတာကိုလဲ လံုးဝ လက္မခံႏိုင္ပါဘူး..ေဒၚစုဆိုတာ novel ဆုကို အလကားေနရလာတဲ့ လူမဟုတ္ပါဘူး ျမန္မာေတြ အဲေလာက္ေတာင္ critical thinking မရိွၾကေတာ့ဘူးလား

    • Myanmarlightkeeper says:

      politcal angel lar angle lar?? don’t even know english huh?

  7. Hi Ma Wai Hnin
    Very Good!!!!!
    I really proud of you.After I listened your speech,I really appreciate.You are very brave. I hope that one day you will be a good leader like Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Be strong and Stand for Burmese people.

  8. Sai Oon Once Lii says:

    I am very very enjoy from you talking about in burma ,
    I want to say thank you so much ..

    I from Tai people (Shan) ,,,,

  9. Dear Waihnin,
    This is one of the most powerful speech ever given in an international arena that will trigger the Change in Burma like wild-fire. Burma’s 60 millions are suffering and for decades waiting for the Saviour and a leader to come and I believe the time has arrived! We are very proud of you, keep it up!

  10. ေစာအဲ says:

    ညီမေ၀ႏွင္းေရ ေလးစားပါတယ္။
    ျမန္မာျပည္အတြက္ လူငယ္ေခါင္းေဆာင္သစ္တေယာက္တုိးလာတာေပါ့။
    ပါတယ္။ ေရွ႕ဆက္ၿပီး ဒီမုိကေရစီပန္းတုိင္ဆီကုိ အေရာက္ခ်ီတက္ႏုိင္ပါေစ။

  11. Su Nwe

    U say “You wrote this kind of comment because you are one of those who now devour our country’s resources and leave the majority of people in poverty.”

    Tell me Su Nwe. How much do u know about me? Don’t u even speak about devour and all those thing u just said to me. Ok, don’t think that the things that is really in your mind is what i do. The most problematic thing for our country is corrupted minds such as yours. Corrupted because of lack of knowledge. Thats one side.The other side such as “Campaigning for Burma”, “Free Burma”.Don’t be stupid. Its been free like since 1947. Its really just western powers influence because they couldn’t benefit from our country.”UKCB”?? what is that? thats what i call puppets of the UK, the country that will never say a damn good thing about our country.

    So Whoever is gonna comment next on this

    I say now, at least a myanmar citizen is ruling Myanmar and not some puppets of the new world.

    Democracy will come Not because of these campaigns all around the world but because of the 55 million people in the country.

    And why are the generals doing these mischief?

    Simple…they don’t wanna be like Thaksin from Thailand so as they give away gradually to the civilians the right full rule. They gonna cover their ass. Otherwise like the singapore PM and senior statesman said,

    “If the Army is dissolved, all of Myanmar’s administrative instruments will go with it, and the country will have nothing with which to govern itself.”

    “Which prison will they go to to after they step down”

    Putting up that personal feeling about her father, plus anti-governmental mind set, funding and support from UK or US or whatever, we get this kind of speech. Trying to sound British and smooth talks won’t change anything.But i must say brave girl but foolish.

    I can also speak like her in front of a crowd, all confident and all loud and everything but i would be much too ashamed to be a wanna be british accent speaker as a burmese and plus the UK government won’t let me speak even if i wanted to cause i am a non-biased person and they want biased people that will be with their thought.

    The only thing i see if these campaign continue is instability, more sanctions, war.

    It is true that there have been great disconfort
    for our people because of the Government,But do she really think that the people controlling a country are dumbasses. Well, at least not for themselves.

    The UN, they are trying to control world leverage on power. Otherwise we are all going in the direction of having just a few power in the world meddling with the other states such as what they are doing to the world today.

    This is not just now.Even in the days of King Thibaw, the british media ridiculed the king and our country so that it would seem like they are doing the right thing to overthrow him.Its a shell of self coverage so they can do as they well.

    Our national anthem is: “Until the end of time, this is our land. . . .”

    So our land is kept safe now and everyone should appreciate that it is not like Iraq, afghanistan, Yugoslovia where they tried to put up New democratic government and instability was the result.

    If u are gonna talk about rape, murder, detainees.
    There is rape every 10-20 secs in US,
    Murder? War casualties in Iraq,Afghanistan are millions and that’s worse then a few political prisoners.
    Nuclear Weapons being built?
    They have thousands of Nukes and probably even worst things than that.

    Military ruling?

    I thought most of the US presidents were also from the military side.
    Read on if u well,


    An ethnically diverse nation with 135 distinct ethnic groups will have alot of difference and thats is hard to work through and is made worse because of the British annexation years ago and the past have curved what it is today.

    As long as people with , unbiased in view and broad knowledge of the world are around, our country will not fall to the “One world order” that is occurring and will eventually develop into a great nation that is free from Western influence.This is the only hope for the kindred of Myanmar from the forlorn that has suppressed the nation.

    Now i say this to all of you Funding feed up campaigning asses.


    • Hey you!!! Selfish brat. May be you are one of the priveledged people in Myanmar. Are you a daughter/son of a General. Sounds like that. Myanmar is in the worst condition because of a person like you. Don’t think that you will forever be priveledeged! You will reap what you sow one day. Watch out!! THe time is coming soon.
      YOu selfish brat!!!!!

    • Sanctions solves all Burma problems.

    • Thiha Mg mg says:

      A yan taw del byar

  12. Hi allitle girl you are very congratulation!
    Your speech power is greater than then Than Shew’s weapons.
    good luck

  13. I’m so impressed….

    I’ve never seen a brave woman like you >>

    Amazing !!!

    love you

  14. ကိုျမေအး ေမြးေပးလိုက္တဲ့ ျပည္သူ႔သမီးေလးေရ၊
    မွတ္ခ်က္ေတြအားလံုးဖတ္ၿပီးေတာ့မွ ဒီမွတ္ခ်က္ကိုေရးတာပါ။ ၄ ရက္ေလာက္ အတြင္းမွာ ဒီေလာက္မ်ားတဲ့မွတ္ခ်က္မ်ိဳး တခါမွမေတြ႔ဖူးဘူး။ ဂုဏ္ယူအားတက္စရာေကာင္းလိုက္တာ။
    အႏွစ္ ၂၀ ေက်ာ္ၾကာ ျပည္ပမွာ ငိုက္ျမည္းေနၾကတဲ့ ဦးဦး၊ ေဒၚေဒၚ၊ ကိုကို၊ မမ၊ ဘဘတို႔တေတြ သမီးေလးရဲ့အသံေၾကာင့္ လန္႔ႏိုးကုန္ၾကၿပီ။ အားမနာနဲ႔သမီးေလး။ အမ်ိဳးသားအေရးကို ကမၻာလံုးညံသြားေအာင္ အစြမ္းကုန္ ဆက္ၿပီးဟစ္ေၾကြးလိုက္စမ္းပါ။
    ျမန္မာျပည္ ဒီမိုကေရစီမီးရွဴးတန္ေဆာင္ကို ထြန္းေျပာင္ေစမယ့္ မီးတုတ္တေခ်ာင္း ေတာက္ေလာင္လာခဲ့ၿပီ။ စစ္အာဏာရွင္ႏွင့္ ေနာက္ၿမီးဆြဲအေပါင္းတို႔ သတိထားၾကေလာ့။
    မွတ္ခ်က္ေတြထဲမွာ ၾကြက္ေခ်းတေတာင့္ေတြ႔ရတယ္။ စိတ္အေႏွာင့္အယွက္ မျဖစ္ၾကပါနဲ႔။
    ျပည္သူ႔သမီးေလး ေဝႏွင္းပြင့္သုန္ကို အားလံုးဝန္းရံေပးၾကပါ။
    ဒီမိုကေရစီ မုခ်ရရမည္။(သီခ်င္းစာသားမဟုတ္)

  15. maymyatsoe says:

    hi dear sister waihnin
    when i saw your video, i felt very proud for your words, action and brave.
    your gread job. we also try with you for our country. we are ready.

  16. Ma Mei Mei says:

    Dear Sister Wai Hnin

    Your speech and action are very strong and I can’t stop my tear.
    You are a brave young BURMESE MUSLIM girl. Burmese muslim are discriminated for more than 3 generations. With your brave action, hopefully Myanmar nation will be reunited again.

    Buddish, Muslim or other religion all are brothers and sisters.
    Stop calling ” Kalarr” and respect in humanity.

  17. Sis,I am really appreciate with your speech.We wish Our dream and hope become true for Burma.I am really sad for your father.We are proud of being burma.But we are facing that they don’t know burma in most of the countries.We don’t want to lose our future of burma.I believe you are the 2nd generation of burma.Wish you be happy and healthy.The time I listern your words ,I remember Daw Su.

  18. Clifford Sang says:


    We(Burma)proud of you! You show the colours of Burma infront of the world, Be strength, be stand for our(Burma)democracy,we(Burma)be with you…

  19. my older sis,
    အရမ္းေလးစားပါတယ္ အမေ၀နွင္း……..
    ကြ်န္ေတာ္တုိ ့ ေက်ာင္းသားေတြ ဆက္ၿပီးတုိက္ပြဲ၀င္သြားမွာပါ………..
    အမ ေအာင္ၿမင္ပါေစ……

  20. KING FUCKER says:

    Thank infinity….I really appreciate your performance and presentation for our Country Burma…….Burma is sufferring as much as she got,,,Nowaday,,,,You have done the best of you and great speech at the front of World….you do and go forward for your Country,MILITARY GOV will be still rapping at our Burma.,,,,,not to be disappear from the WORLD MAP….not to be eaten by CHINA RUSSIA AND VAMPIA countries…….Our Myanma can not be more than that they had got sufferring in many wounded…….

  21. ခြႏ္းဆင့္ေ၀ says:

    သူမ်ားေတြဘယ္လုိပဲေျပာေျပာ သူေလးကိုဂုဏ္ယူမိတာေတာ့အမွန္ပဲ။ လူအမ်ား
    ေရွ့မွာရဲ႕ရဲ႕ရင့္ရင့္ေျပာရဲတာကုိ ပိုဂုဏ္ယူမိတာပါ။ေျပာၾကမွာေပါ့ သူ႔အေဖအတြက္
    ဘာလုပ္ေပးႏုိင္လုိ႔လဲ ျမန္မာျပည္ေနာက္ထပ္မေရာက္ပဲနဲ႔ျမန္မာမေကာင္းေၾကာင္း ေျပာတယ္စသည္ျဖင့္ေပါ့ေလ။ အဲလုိေျပာသူေရာ သူ႔ေလာက္ေျပာရဲတဲ့သတၱိရွိလို႔
    ရွိပါတယ္။ဒါေပမယ့္ဘယ္ႏွေယာက္မ်ား အဲလုိေျပာဖူးလုိ႔လဲ။ ျမန္မာျပည္ခၽြတ္ခ်ံဳက်ေနတာ ျပည္သူေတြဆင္းရဲေနတယ္ဆုိတာကုိ ခံစား
    ေနရသူေတြပုိသိပါတယ္။ အစုိးရေပးစာေလးကုိစားျပီး ကုိယ့္ဗိုက္တစ္လုံး၀
    ယုံနဲ႔ေတာ့ အစုိးရေကာင္းပါတယ္ တုိးတက္ေအာင္လုပ္ေနပါတယ္ လုိ႔ အသံ
    ေကာင္းမဟစ္ေစခ်င္ပါဘူး။မယုံရဲ႕ ျပည္နယ္ေတြမွာလုိက္ၾကည့္ပါလား စစ္သားေတြဘယ္ေလာက္ယုတ္မာေနတယ္ဆုိတာသိရပါလိမ့္မယ္။ရန္ကုန္နဲ႔
    မႏၱေလးေနဖူးရုံနဲ႔ေတာ့ အစုိးရမေကာင္းေၾကာင္းေျပာသူေတြကုိပဲဖမ္းတာကုိ
    ေတြ႔ရမွာပါ။နယ္မွာေတာ့ဒီလုိမဟုတ္ပါဘူး။အားလုံးဟာ စစ္သားေတြရဲ႕သား
    ေကာင္ျဖစ္ေနတာကုိေတြ႔ရပါလိမ့္မယ္။တကယ့္ တကယ္ လက္ေတြ႔ခံစားရမႈ
    မရွိပဲ ဘာကုိမွ မေကာင္းတာကုိမေ၀ဖန္ေစခ်င္ဘူး။ဘာပဲျဖစ္ျဖစ္ သူေလးကုိ
    ေလးလဲေလးစားတယ္ အားလဲအားက်တယ္ ျပီးေတာ့ ေထာင္က်သူသမီး
    တစ္ေယာက္အေနနဲ႔လဲ ခံစားၾကည့္လုိ႔ရပါတယ္။ မေ၀ႏွင္းပြင့္ အေနနဲ႔လဲ
    ေကာင္းတာကုိပဲၾကားၾကားဆုိးတာကုိပဲလက္ခံရလက္ခံရ လူဆုိတာ အေကာင္းကုိအဆိုးေျပာတတ္သလုိ အဆုိးကုိလဲ အေကာင္းေျပာတတ္တယ္
    ဆုိတာကုိသိထားျပီး ကုိယ့္လမ္းကုိယ္ေလ်ာက္သြားဖုိ႔ကုိပဲတုိက္တြန္းလုိပါတယ္။ ေအာင္ျမင္ပါေစ
    ေနာက္အနာဂါတ္မွာလဲ ေခါင္းေဆာင္ေကာင္းတစ္ေယာက္ျဖစ္ပါေစလုိ႔
    ရင္တြင္းမွာ လိႈက္လိႈက္လွဲလွဲ ဆုေတာင္းေပးလုိက္ပါတယ္

  22. Ma Wai Hnin Pwint Thone,
    I have listened to your speech about myanmar political affairs.This all that you delivered to is very good for myanmar as well as all the nations that help myanmar political and democratic affairs and also UN.I m very sampatatic to you as a Burmese people and also a good daughter and, I am very proud of “she is our burmese people”.I have listened to your speech more than twice.I prefer to your feeling,actions,voice and your attitudes,but one of the thing that I want to say is that you should not blame to UN,I think, because UN’s power and authority is limited by the many treaties that concluded among the nations.This is clearly stated in the Charter of the UN.UN always think ‘if UN give more pressure on SPDC,what will happen among the countries. That’s why we are patient for UN and we should do ourselves in the role of that we can afford.Another things is about 2010 election that you told is absolutely right, but the main source is 2008 Constitutional Law.You and UN didn’t decribe that it should be abolished for planning of longterm military ruling.However,I always recommend and can help not only you but those who make an aganist to myanmar military government in any time in participating for myanmar’s human’s right and democratic affairs.I will always be thankful to you for your speech.If we have chance to meet, we can discuss more and we can work for myanmar.Thank you.Bye…

  23. Maung Maung Aung (Jpn) says:

    Dear Wai Hnin
    I’ve never heard such an excellent speech in Burmese political world before. I heard it two times. Both times, teardrops were falling down on my face while I was hearing it. I felt as if you were a clone of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. And I believe you will be great to work for Burma.

  24. Linn Htet Maw,

    SHAME ON YOU …Hundreds and Thousands times.

    You wrote this kind of comment because you are one of those who now devour our country’s resources and leave the majority of people in poverty. Don’t be blind not to see the current condition and kept complaining UK for what happened 60 over years ago. Luckily, out of 100 replies, you are the only odd one out. So, our future will be better with people like Waihnin Pwint Thon and other brilliant younger generation. Thus, I still hold my hope of freedom up.

    Su Nwe

  25. Dear ThameeLay WaiHnin,
    You are the Best Activist —- !
    You are second to Daw Suu —- !
    Walk on and on ——— !

  26. Phyo Zayar Aung says:

    Dear Ma Wai Hnin Pwint Thon,

    Thank you so much for your excellent speech. I did even tear when I heard your speech. On behalf of the whole country, I would like to say thanks from the heart and veins. You light up a candle and brought us hopes. No doubt everyone will support you for sure.

    Wish you all the best and I believe that your goals will be achieved very soon.

  27. Sis
    I am really proud of you. We need many youngsters like you. You are still young but your mind is very grateful. United Nations still watching the situations. Many Burmese are facing the bad conditions. We really really need the people like you in Burma. Please try to support the Burmese freedom. Please try to fight for the freedom. We believe you. We understood you. If I were you I would do like you as well. We are praying for you as well as your dad. Finally I realize that I have to maintain my patriot mind once again to save Bur,a

  28. kyaw minaung says:

    အခုလိုမ်ဳိးေခါင္းေဆာင္ေတြ ေနာက္ထက္အမ်ားၾကီး ထြက္ေပၚလာေစခ်င္တယ္. . .ဒါေပမဲ. အခုလိုၾကားရေတာ. တကယ္စိတ္မေကာင္းၿဖစ္မိတယ္ဗ်ာ. . .

  29. hi Wai hnin Thon,

    i wonder who is incharge of arranging the program to take place there and who writes the speech?

    I am very much impressed with the speech u deliver there but it is important not to discourage any others for unable to handle burma case. since this is the duty which burmese has to do by self at least in some effective level.

    we can’t simply wait for international communities to give help for without no return. Aware that no one will use u as a pawn in their games.

    chat u later

  30. Great! Surprise and shock me, and tears dripping,I can’t speaking a while, the most impressive and powerful speech in my life.I highly appreciate and praised on her speech. I realized that she is a true leader of Burma. I also hope for new generation, to be powerful like her. I want to request all, please share and forward the Great! news.We will free soon. Thanks.


  31. Ven.kondala says:

    Dear Sister,(Waihnin Pwint Thon ).i am so happy to hear that.Congratulation.I saw you UK Labour party conference.Burma must be free soon.Thank you so much.I pray for you ever.Be happy and well.

    Ven.kondala(Research Scholar)University of jammu,India

  32. Hi sister!
    your speech is very nice.
    As soon as I meat you on the television, I was very excited because of your voice.
    Keep going!I hope you can be able something for our country. You was very active during your speech. And then I hope you are in a good not only political girl but also new generation.
    you are pretty and cute girl.
    Have a great day .bye bye…………

  33. အစ္မေဝႏွင္း…..
    စစ္မွန္တဲ ့ဒီမိုကေရစီရဖို ့အတြက္ တိုက္ပြဲဝင္ေနၾကတဲ ့ ညီအစ္ကိုေမာင္ႏွမ ၊ သူငယ္ခ်င္းေတြကို ဒီေနရာကေနဘဲေၿပာလိုက္ခ်င္ပါရဲ ့ဗ်ာ….. ။ကၽြန္ေတာ္ဟာ ၿမန္မာလူမ်ိဳးတစ္ေယာက္မဟုတ္ပါဘူး..။ တရုတ္လူမ်ိဳးစစ္စစ္တစ္ေယာက္ပါ..။ ကၽြန္ေတာ္ဟာၿမန္မာလူမ်ိိဳးတစ္ေယာက္မဟုတ္ေပမဲ ့ ၿမန္မာလူမ်ိဳးေတြရဲ ့ တိုင္းၿပည္နဲ ့လူမ်ိဳးအတြက္ ကိုယ္က်ိဳးစြန္ ့အနစ္နာခံၿပီးတိုက္ပြဲ ရဲေဘာ္ေတြကို ကၽြန္ေတာ့္ႏွလံုးသားထဲမွာအၿမဲေအာက္ေမ့သတိရေနမွာပါ….။ တစ္ေန ့က်ရင္ၿမန္မာလူမ်ိဳးေတြအေနနဲ ့ စစ္မွန္တဲ ့ဒီမိုကေရစီ ပန္းတိုင္ကို လက္ကိုင္ထားႏိုင္မယ္လို ့ ကၽြန္ေတာ္အၿပည့္အဝယံုၾကည္ပါတယ္ဗ်ာ….။
    (The story on the sky.)

  34. Dear Daughter



  35. ေစာလင္း says:

    ေ၀ႏွင္းပြင့္သုန္ ..ေလးစားပါတယ္..ဗမာၿပည္အတြက္ ၾကယ္ပြင့္ေလးမ်ားစြာ မင္းနဲ ့အတူထြက္ေပၚႏိုင္ပါေစလို ့ဆုေတာင္းပါတယ္..အေဖ ေမတၱာ ေနာင္ေတာ္သားခ်င္းေတြရဲ ့ေစတနာေမတၱာနဲ ့အတူ ဒီမိုကေရစီပန္းတိုင္ကို အၿမန္ဆံုး ဆြတ္ခူး ေအာင္ၿမင္ႏိုင္ပါေစ

  36. Hi,sister
    Thank you so much for your speech and brave.You can speak very well.

  37. She is some kind of bomb.

  38. she talks all are truth…..it was really happened in our country burma..now until today we all suffering under this junta powers…

  39. Dear Sister Waihnin Pwint Thon,
    I am really proud and inspired of your excellence speech. No doubt that with your powerful speech, it will bring more attention the International community’s to listen what is going on inside Burma , Internally Displaced Persons as well as about Refugee and immigrant who live in other hose countries. , I am so pound that in your speech you are not speak up about politic situation and human right buses inside Burma but you also take into an account what happened to the Ethnic oppression by dictatorship. People from Burma flee to other countries due to continuously of human right buses occur.
    I deeply appreciate to see young active generation like you as well as Zoya Phan. Both of you are great model to advocate for reform for Future of Burma.
    Please continue to speak up until we can see the transition in Burma.
    I would like to extend my appreciation to the UK labor Party and the Burma Campaign UK to support on Burma.
    I wish all political prisoners are immediately released. I feel so sorry for the political prisoners and call for their releases.
    Once again, I am so proud of you and keep on what you are doing now.
    Unity, Peace and In Solidarity!!!
    Karenni woman based in Thai-Burma Border

    • ေအာင္ႏိုင္ says:

      ညီမေလးအခုလို႔ တို႔ျမန္မာျပည္ရဲ႔အေၾကာင္း ျပည္သူကိုယ္စားကမၻာသိေအာင္ေျပာေပးသြားတာ အထူးေက်းဇူးတင္ပါတယ္။ သူရဲေကာင္းတို႔ရဲ႕ေသြးဟာဒီလို႔ပဲ ရဲရဲနီေနေစရမယ္။ တစ္ေန႔ေတာ့ မတရားအုပ္ခ်ဳပ္မင္းလုပ္ေနတဲ့ စစ္ေခြးေတြကိုသုတ္သင္ႏိုင္မွာပဲ။ ညီမေလးေျပာသြားကို ၾကားရတဲ့အခါမွာ အစ္ကိုၾကီးတို႔ေသြးေတြလည္း ပိုျပီးေတာ့ နီရဲသထက္နီရဲလာခဲ့ပါတယ္။ အေဖတူသမီးဆိုတာျမန္မာသမိုင္းမွာ ေနာက္တစ္တိုးလာတယ္လို႔ ယူဆပါတယ္။ ေက်းဇူတင္ပါတယ္….

  40. ရဲထြ႗္ says:


  41. ေဇာ္ရဲ says:


  42. Thank Wai Hnin. I am the one who is really admire and proud of you what you have done and what you are doing. All your work is for your country. You do a great job. No man deserves success more than you. You have work hard for your campaigning and represent for our country. We are appreciate it and heartiest congratulation.Keep going and never give up it. We all are in your side. May god bless you!

  43. i really proud of u my sis,
    i really appreciate of u
    we need so many new generation like u

  44. Dear mah Waihnin Pwint,
    It’s such an honor to have a representative like you for our country! I respect your bravery, confidence and above all your strong determination. All the best for your future! and you really inspired me!

  45. Proud of you… To achieve our goals for our people we must come back and serve for people.Not treat for the symptoms, find out for the cause and solve the causes. To solve the causes we need human resource. The most important thing is our Burmese (Myanmar) people to change our society unjust. We cannot depend on other countries. We have to act on ourselves to become justice country. Only some of us can hear and see the speeches but our people need education to see beyond the box.. A lot of people left the country who are intelligent and smart. Who will lead our people??? Need to come back if we really love our country. There would be challenges but we can go through some days. Those some days are in our hands.

    • Well said! It makes me remember when I first heard of our lady’s speech.
      What you said is according to mingalar tayar daw when you acknowledge Mr Brown of his support. It was a long over due thanks to him. I am sure you did on behalf of all Burmese who live in the UK who knows gratitude.

      You also rightly critized the UN’s ineffective face value actions.

      You told the truth-thitsar. Thitsar sakar has its power. Because of thitsar, may your well wishes come true very soon!

      Well done!
      I am so glad that a future leader is born today! DASSK will be very pround of you!

      I am so so glad that we have someone who can communicate that well in English to the world on behalf of Burma.

      I respect you for the bravery I don’t have.
      Wish you see your father soon!

  46. ဒကာမေလးေျပာသြားတာဟာ ဦးဇင္းရဲ့ဆႏၵေတြကုိ ေျပာသြားသလုိပါပဲ၊ ဦးဇင္းအဓိကေျပာခ်င္တာလည္း UNကုိပါပဲ၊ ဒီေလာက္ထိ ျပည္သူေတြကုိ သတ္ျဖတ္ညွင္းဆဲေထာင္ခ်ေနတဲ့ အာဏာရွင္ကုိ ဘာေၾကာင့္ထိထိေရာက္ေရာက္ အေရးမယူနုိင္တာလည္း၊ ဗမာျပည္ဦးသန္႔UNမွာ တာဝန္ထမ္းေဆာင္တုန္းကဆုိ စစ္ပဲြေတြမျဖစ္ေအာင္ ေဆာင္ရြက္ခဲ့တာကုိ နုိင္းယွဥ္ျပီး ေျပာျပေစခ်င္ပါတယ္ ဒကာမေလး၊ အနာဂါတ္အတြက္ လက္တဲြညီညီ ၾကုိးစားၾကတာေပါ့၊ အမ်ားအက်ဳိးမ်ားမ်ားေဆာင္ရြက္နုိင္ပါေစ၊

  47. ျမန္မာျပည္ရဲ႕သမီးငယ္တစ္ေယာက္ ျမန္မာျပည္အတြက္ဘာလုပ္ေနလဲဆိုတာျမင္ရ ၾကားရပါၿပီ။
    က်ေနာ့္အတြက္ေတာ့ ကိုယ္ပိုင္စီးပြားေရး ေနထိုင္ရပ္တည္ေရးေတြနဲ႔လံုးေထြးေနၿပီး ႏိုင္ငံရဲ႕အေရးမလုပ္ျဖစ္တာၾကာခဲ့ပါတယ္။ မေ၀ႏွင္းပြင့္သုန္ရဲ႕မိန္႔ခြန္းေၾကာင့္ က်ေနာ္ဒီေန႔ကစၿပီး ႏိုင္ငံရဲ႕အေရးကို ျပန္ၿပီးဦးစားေပးလုပ္ပါေတာ့မယ္။ မိတ္ေဆြလည္း ဒီျမန္မာျပည္ရဲ႕သမီးငယ္ေလးကိုခ်စ္ရင္ ျမန္မာျပည္ကိုခ်စ္ရင္ တခုခုေတာ့လုပ္ပါလို႔ေျပာပရေစ။


    We will surly get DEMOCRACY oneday!!!

  49. Hi Guys,

    I really proud of her from my soul…
    She described about of our country’s conditions…
    I have never seen before like her…I would like to say thanks as like as universe to Wai Hnin Pwint.

    Without wasting our time and let try our best for Burmese generation…

  50. Khin Padauk Win says:

    I am very proud of you for the most powerful , robustic speech at the labour party and truly respect your courage and confidence. Phenomenal !!

  51. ေလဘာတီ says:

    thank u.

  52. Dear Waihnin Pwint Thon,
    You have done a very touching speech for the people of Myanmar.ေလးစားပါတယ္… အေျပာအလြန္ေကာင္းတယ္ ..တစ္ခုကေရြးေကာက္ပြဲကုိကန္႔ကြတ္ေနတဲ႔ပံုပဲ..ေရြးစရာဒီလမ္းပဲ က်န္တာေလ..Change ဆိုတာ တျဖည္းျဖည္းပဲဆြဲယူရမယ္ ထင္တယ္..ျမန္မာနိုင္ငံေျပာင္းလဲဖို႔ တစ္ဦးတစ္ေယာက္ ထဲရဲ့ၾကိဳးစားမူက မလံုေလာက္ပါဘူး..အေျပာင္းလဲလိုလားသူအားလံုးပါ၀င္ရမယ္.
    အနာဂတ္မွာ ျမန္မာနိုင္ငံရဲ့ နိုင္င့ေရးဇတ္ခံုမွာ ကခြင္႔ရလာမွာပါ..

  53. I m proud of you… and also respect you… we must be against this stupid military gov… Freedom From Fear…

  54. my dear,
    i am very very proud of you.
    you are 2nd su.
    how brave and excellent you are!!!
    i fully respect u..
    wish your father to be healthy..
    take care of yourself sister..
    be healthy..be happy and may continue ur great job..

  55. Khaing Kyaw Mya says:

    I really appreciate you work to reform Burma, I really support your voice, because your voice is for us. But I fill sorry when I think of your father, as you don’t loose hope neither will I. Fight for your right, we all are with you.

    Thank you
    very much.

  56. I listen to her speeches again and again because I feel like sth is going to change very soon and I’d like all of us (Burmese people who against SPDC) to try our best in order to be keys of holding our nation and paving our people. Any one of us can lead the people if we try or unless we can apply in reality of this struggle.
    Here is a comment that we all should agree with…
    There mustn’t be expectation of what a person can do for you, but there have to be a preparation of how can we make change for the betterment of our society…..

    Let’s have the unity, which can only be the key to overthrow SPDC and restore the truth democracy climate in our beautiful nation called Burma. By the Power of unity, we can reach to the top our our objective…

    Best regard..


  57. thank you so must ,ma ma
    For you are mind for our country
    I like you , ma ma
    We need you

  58. My dear Waihin. What a brave daring speech you made!!! Thank you so much on behalf of all political prisioners and all Burmese..You shocked the world! You shocked UN who has been given only lip service to us!!! And you shocked us, the Burmese. Looking at you and listening to you, I got goosebumps and I realize that Burma still has hope and you will bring a change to the people. Thanks to Ko Mya Aye for having a daughter for Burma..

  59. အမူအရာ၊အေၿပာအဆို၊ဟန္ပန္ တိက်ၿပတ္သား၊ထက္ၿမက္သည္။

  60. U kyaw htet says:

    Very bright head Thank you.
    Contact uncle,If you need some money for your education.

  61. U kyaw htet says:

    Very bright head hank you.
    Contact uncle,If you need some money for your education.

  62. old and feared man says:

    I shed tears in my eyes when I watched you delivering speech in Labour Party Conference. What in my mind at that time was whether you are an identical figure of DASSK.As you are brave,educated,sensible and devoted daughter I am very proud of you that my country has such a young brilliant lady that could guide to prosperity in the future.

  63. Well done and words of facts have been spoken. The U.N has always been regarded as a lame duck organization when it came to Burma. None of those people at the U.N have ever been successful and the public at large would hope to hell that they have nothing more to do with Burma. Stop going there for visits and wasting everybody’s time and money, stop accepting gifts from Criminals like Than Shwe and Maung Aye, stop accepting rubies and diamonds from these Military Criminals each time you (the U.N) visit Burma. You The United Nations are a failure and should never be involved in any negotiations regarding Burma. The only solution to ending Burma’s Military rule is for countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia and the US is to lead by example and invade Burma. As long as criminals like Than Shwe and Maung Aye are alive nothing will ever change.

  64. Wai Hnin,

    Good speech and no doubt that many people are proud of you. I would like to say something. I also studied and graduated in UK but I’m inside Burma now. I’m also an NLD party member. Just to express my opinion regarding Zoya phan’s last year speech and your speech. The similar things are that you two have extraordinary experiences, courage and confidence. But both speeches end in one thing. Help us to (UK), we can’t do without your help. However, the truth is, as long as we are hoping foreign countries to come and save our country and end the military dictatorship, the dictators are happy. The only thing we can bring democracy to our country is through the Burmese people in Burma.
    All of those big countries have been expressing their concerns and supports for many years but everyone should be aware of that nothing has happened for many many years. We can continue to try to raise awareness about Burma in UK and other countries.
    But, the truth is it’ll never bring the real changes in the country. Democracy must be demanded by burmese people and the people like your father are much needed than ever nowadays since many of freedom fighters in exile keep giving speech to raise awareness and asking for help in vain. It could bring increased aids in borders or burmese refugees. It’s like treating the symtoms instead of the cause. May all Burmese develop awareness in this matter!
    Thanks, Wai Hnin.

  65. Dear Sis,

    Right move in right time! Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just keep on trying to reveal what is really happening inside Burma, which is totally different from that the military criminals are making the world to believe. You are our hope.

    We’ll be there together with you anytime necessary.

    Please also try more to make the world’s leaders realize the bad possible effect after the sham election’s ugly success and urge them to deny the result without all walks of people involved in political process to straighten our way to true democracy and bring down the regime, staging autocracy all over the country.

    Thank you very much for your valuable speech with confidence at the Labour Party conference.

    You are blessed by God, your people of Burma and the ones who love truth and peace in this world.

  66. Waysoe Htoo says:

    I give the greatest respend to our democricy leadership for her speach. The political work is not fun, but they’ve done the best the can. I would like to serve them at least meet them once.

  67. we don’t see , listen that kind of speech everyday. That’s for sure.
    Especially in Burmese community.

    Every proud of you Hninn,

    Regardless of any reason behind this speech, your are such a speaker/

  68. ကၽြန္ေတာ္လည္း မေ၀ႏွင္း အရြယ္လူငယ္တစ္ေယာက္ပါ။ အမ ေျပာသြားတာေတြ ဗမာျပည္ လြတ္ေျမာက္ေရးနဲ႕ အက်ဥ္းက်ေနတဲ့ အမရဲ႕အေဖ ရဲ႕ေႀကာင္းေတြ ဆို တာေလာက္ပဲ အႀကမ္းဖ်င္းသိပါတယ္။ ဒါေပမယ့္ အမရဲ႕ ေျပာဟန္ဆိုဟန္ ရဲရင့္ၿပီးတည္ၾကည္တာေတြကို အားက်မိတယ္၊ ဂုဏ္ယူပါတယ္။ ဘယ္မ်ိဳးဆက္မဆို ရဲရင့္ျပတ္သားစြာနဲ႕ ဒီမိုကေရစီကို ရေအာင္ယူႏိုင္ပါတယ္။ လံုး၀ယံုၾကည္ပါတယ္။ အမ ရဲ႕ႀကိဳးစားမႈေတြကို ကၽြန္ေတာ္တင္မက ပါဘူး၊ ဗမာျပည္က လူငယ္အားလံုး နဲ႕ ဗမာျပည္ရဲ႕ဒီမိုကေရစီရရွိေရးအတြက္လႈပ္ရွားသူအားလံုး ဂုဏ္ယူမိမွာပါ။ အမ ဟာ ျမန္မာျပည္လူငယ္မ်ားရဲ႕ အနာဂတ္ေခါင္းေဆာင္ၾကယ္တစ္ပြင့္ပါ။ ျဖစ္ပါေစလို႕ဆုေတာင္းပါတယ္။ ေလးစာမိပါတယ္။ အားက်မိပါတယ္။ ဂုဏ္ယူမိပါတယ္။ အမကိုျမင္ၿပီး အစြမ္းကုန္ႀကိဳးစားခ်င္စိတ္ေတြေပၚလာမိပါတယ္။ ဗမာျပည္က အေမကိုေျပာလိုက္ခ်င္ပါတယ္ သားတို႕၊သမိးတို႕ရွိပါေသးတယ္လို႕။

  69. Hi sis,

    I really appreciate what you revealed! Thank you with all my heart and really impress you are so brave for your father and for your motherland. And I did cry when I heard about how lonely you are as you are accompanying a cat for three years living far away from home….You reminded our unconscious mind to dig our miserable lives that we always tried to forget,,,….

  70. Dear Waihnin Pwint Thon,

    After saw your speech, I believed you will become
    second leader of Aung San Su Gyi.
    I’m very proud of you and your speech and your Father as well. We all are always support you.
    Your speech have attraction and very point of Burma

    Grate Job and wish you grate success in the future.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

  71. I’m really salute you and proud of you sis!! you are the great performer i had ever seen, I wish there will be many girls and many
    boys like you in future.

  72. I really really proud of u…

  73. ရန္ကင္း says:

    ဥာဏ္၀င္း ေၿပာတဲ့ အင္းဂလိပ္ စကားနဲ႕ ဒီခေလးမေလး ေၿပာတဲ့ English စကား အႏွစ္သာရ ေရာ ေလယူေလသိမ္းေရာ အရမ္းကြာၿခားပါတယ္။
    နအဖ ရဲ႕ နဳိင္ငံၿခားေရး ၀န္ၾကီး ဆုိသူ ရွက္တတ္ရင္ အင္မတန္ရွက္ဘုိ႔ ေကာင္းလွပါတယ္။
    ေနာက္တခုက ကုိသူရ ဇာဂနာရဲ႕သား ၿမတ္ေကာင္းလား ။ ေကာင္းၿမတ္လား။ အဲဒီ သူငယ္ ေလး ဒီခေလးမကုိ အတုယူသင့္ပါတယ္။ San Fran ကပြဲမွာ ေဟးလား၀ါးလား လုပ္ေနတာ ရွက္စရာပါ။ အေဖက မတရား ေထာင္ခ်ခံထား ရတာကုိမွ ေမ့ေနသလား။ မင္းလဲ ရွက္တတ္မယ္ ဆုိရင္ သိတ္ေကာင္းမယ္။

    • mr myanmar says:

      နအဖေတြက အရွက္ဆိုတဲ႕စကားလံုးရဲ႕အဓိပါယ္ကိုမသိဘူးဗ်..သူတို႕လုပ္ခဲ႕သမွ်ရွက္တတ္ရင္အၾကိမ္ ၁၀၀၀ ေလာက္ေသဖို႕ေကာင္းၿပီ

  74. i also proud of you behelf of myanmar citizin.
    for our country many people are needed like you. may u be successful and may u can do as u wish!

  75. great job sister
    i really proud of you on behalf of our new generation
    you did very well and i want to say, first i want to be like you
    second try hard for your nation and make the best to get promise form western countries that they will help us.
    also, take care of yourself, your health

  76. Dear sister,

    I wanna say thank you for your very cheerful and active speech which leads to the welfare of the whole people of Myanmar. Such a person like you is always needed for our country. Our comment is pushing you to keep on against this very bad political system of our country.

    May you have golden opportunity of democracy!

  77. Burmese Patriot says:

    Such a powerful and phenomenon speech nyi ma lay. Very proud of your bravery and outspokenness. Burma needs new generations like you. May your father be getting well soon.

  78. I am so glad/ respected for your broad-minded for Burma. Go on till your target! !

    Thanking u

  79. What a marvelous speech which is truly reflected on what happens in our motherland… Go ahead till “Freedom From Fear” in Burma… Cheers!!!

  80. wow wow what a greatest speech that i ever heard in my life, which is express by the such a young girl. nowaday we need brave and wise youth genaration like her to build brighter and better future of our nation. i’m so proud of what she… did for her country and peoples those who r liveing under fear and threatend. she said that up coming election will not brings real changes and democracy. yeh i’m aggree with it. those military junta r never give up their power to opposition , they just try do anythings they need to hold their power more tightly and long lasting as long as they can. they were never think twice before they shot down the innocent peoples those r demended their freedom and right to be equal in peacefully ways.

  81. I am really proud of you.

  82. thank you so much for sending this speech and it touch my heart and willing to participate to tiny the election 2010 Nov7.

  83. We are very proud of you, Ko Mya Aye. And, we believe you have a chance to witness how brave your daughter is!!!

  84. ေမာ္ေမာ္ says:

    ေ၀ႏွင့္ပြင့္သုန္ ေရ မင္းဟာ ျမန္မာျပည္ရဲ့ အနာဂတ္ ၾကယ္တပြင့္ပါပဲ။ မင္းအတြက္အရမ္းဂုဏ္ယူပါတယ္။ မင္းရဲ့ ရဲရင့္ျပီး တည္ျငိမ္ျပတ္သားတဲ့ ေျပာဟန္ ဆိုဟန္ ေတြဟာ ျမန္မာ လူငယ္မ်ားအတြက္ အားက်စရာ၊ ဂုဏ္ယူစရာ၊ အတုယူစရာပါ။ ျမန္မာျပည္သူ အက်ိဳးအတြက္ မ်ားစြာ လုပ္ေပးႏိုင္ပါေစ။

  85. we are as people of Burma, really and deeply appreciated what you have done at the annual British Labour Party conference, Ma Waihnin.

    Welldone! Great Job!

    To tell you honestly, your voice and your eyes on this stage woke me up several times during I felt asleep at that night and then I believe your spirit shakes to everyone’s heart when they listen your speech. As we cheering to you, we should not forget to speak out about your father,right? we do really thanks to KO MYA AYE what he has done for our people and especially, to pass you the real immortal soul.

    Please remember always that
    Your voice is ours
    Your eyes is ours
    Your hope is ours
    Your suffering is ours
    there is no doubt, we are absolutely the same as you do.

    Thank you so much! 🙂 I’m really delightful to watching your speech.

  86. Wow!!!!!!!Great SPEECH Ma Wai Hnin Pwint Thon.
    you are a good speaker and a brave girl.
    We need to speak what we feel in our country.
    We need new generation for freedom work.
    I respect you.
    May your father in good health.
    May you be happy and success .

  87. your the one of become buramese leader. I like it. I proud of you.Your knowledge is standard.

  88. Dear Thon,

    I feel so sorry for your father and how might be for you to feel. I understand your feelings for the people and the country. But I would like to say no more than just the pressure. If you look at the past of the Kings and how they treated the people and the educated ones, its all the same until now. The only thing that can bring the people and the country to be able to be well know is just start a war. We cannot protest peacefully. As a Buddhism country, no one wants blood shattered but as the history the only way is to fight back with weapons and not with words or protests. Only then we will have chance and freedom.

    Anyway, I am very proud of what you did. I hope there will be more of you.

  89. No matter how hard we try,Burma will remain unchanged.The blood of corruption and the Burmese way of respecting the elders and obeying their brutal leaders of Burmese people will not be erase from their longterm memories.

  90. Thanks for your speech!
    Keep on! my sister.
    I am very proud of you!
    Wish you all the best!

  91. Well Wisher says:

    I hope that sharp young lady to become a well prepared politician and not to be exploited for her sharpness and youthful honesty.

  92. i am so proud of you, waihnin. carry on.

  93. Not-so-old-man says:

    I got tears in my eys listening to your speech. You are younger than my daughter, I cannot find the words to praise you. I don’t know who wrote the speech for you, but your accent yor tone and your gesture impressed me and I will say you have the potential to become a political leader. Work hard and keep yourself up my child.
    You have future for our impoverish country. We need well educated new generation like you.

    Best of luck to you and our country.

  94. I really really proud of your speech for our country.And I hope,you can do more for your father and country.I wish that you can meet your father again in your life and get a happy life with your whole family.God bless to you and good luck to you my sister………………..

  95. I’m really proud of you. Many people like you can change not even Burma, but the whole world.

  96. So impressive of your speech…young lady. BURMA needs your help…I feels like we have second DSSK. Now, I belive that, we will have a lot of DSSK, Min K

  97. Great! You are really cool as a good citizen.

    • Thang Ning Kee says:

      I am proud of you. I believe and hope that you will be the next lady hero for our country and democracy. Please speak out not only at London (England) but also a round the world please! You speak very short time but you shot a big thing.

  98. Dear, Thank you so much.

    You have talked on behalf of all of Burmese.
    By the way, in our country, people are not getting unity. Some people, who are partners of military and getting a little remained bone from them, are hypocritical and privileged. Some are now becoming corrupt due to military.
    How can we march on the Roads? We are responsible for events that are happening in our home.
    There are 2 ways: (1) the method of Mahatama Gandhi and (2) the method of Bojoke Aung San.
    We have been now walking by methods of Mahatama Gandhi for over 20 years. But final goal is still blurred. I think gradually goes far away and away. Because their members are increasing and becoming bigger and bigger.
    So, we have now still a way remained.
    it is time to use it well.

    How is your opinion?

    with regards

  99. Wai Hnin Pwint Thon, you are a little hero. I am proud of you for being a brave girl who stands for her whole nations that have been in the most vulnerable situation in the world. I like the way you speak with your British accent. I like your zeal and passion for Burma’s freedom. I hope you will remain in your love and passion for Burma like Aung San Su Kyi who is our Mother and Hero of democracy. Keep up the good work!

  100. I proud of you..
    We need new generation like you

  101. Well!
    You are one of our country’s heroes who comes up from the middle of our unfinished struggle for Democracy. Yea, you are right that SPDC will sooner legalize the constitutions, which will last forever for the dictatorship power stability. However, our struggle for freedom will never ever die or stop in vein. If we know our weaknesses, we can change because education will help us and show the way to find our the conflict resolution within ethnic fractions.
    I hope that you will One day be the light of the people who are in the dark places and pave their ways.
    Best wish for you…
    Good luck…

  102. Hello!
    That is the best work of our country!

    Walk on!
    Walk on!
    Walk on!

  103. i am very proud of you.we need so many patriots,clever and brave generation.

  104. I am Proud Of You ေ၀ႏွင္းပြင့္သုန္

  105. She is very brave lady ..I respect you sis

  106. ကၽြန္ေတာ္တို႔တိုင္းျပည္မွာ
    အနာဂတ္အတြက္ ထက္ျမတ္တဲ့ေခါင္းေဆာင္ေတြ ရရွိေတာ့မွာကို ျမင္ေယာင္ၿပီး

  107. waylwintzin says:

    ၈၈ ကေနစလို ့ ျပည္ပမွာေျပာသမ်ွထဲမွာ အျပည့္စံုဆံုးနဲ့ အဆင့္အတန္းအရွိဆံုးတင္ျပခ်က္ကို အသက္ငယ္ငယ္နဲ့ မိန္းကေလးတေယာက္က ေျပာသြားႏုိင္တာ အံ့ျသမဆံုးပါဘူး။ ေဒၚစုက မ်ား လက္ထပ္သင္ေပးထားသလားေအာက္ေမ့ရပါတယ္။ ဒီဘက္က ႏုိင္ငံေရးေခါင္းေဆာင္ေတြလို ့ အမည္ခံထားတဲ့သူေတြ အတုယူသင့္ပါတယ္။ အႏွစ္၂၀ ေက်ာ္ေျပာခဲ့သမ်ွမွာ ဒီတခါေလာက္ ေကာင္မေလးတေယာက္ ေျပာႏုိင္သလို ဘယ္သူမွ မေျပာခဲ့ႏုိင္ေသးဘူးလို ့ ေကာက္ခ်က္ခ်မိပါတယ္။
    ေလးစားအားက် ပီတိျဖစ္ရပါတယ္။ က်ေနာ္တို ့မွာ ေနာက္ထပ္ အင္မတန္ထက္ျမက္တဲ့ မ်ဳိးဆက္ေတြ ရွိေနေသးတာမို ့ အဲလိုမ်ဳိး စြမ္းစြမ္းတမံ ထက္ျမက္ေပးျကပါလို ့ အားလံုးကို တိုက္တြန္းပါရေစ၊
    မျကာခင္ က်ေနာ္တို ့လိုခ်င္တဲ့ ဒီမိုကေရစီဟာ မေ၀းေတာ့ပါလို ့

  108. Today, we got a new generation woman leader for Burma.
    All the best,
    Ko Lay.

  109. Dear Sister.How are you.I was very appreciate for your speaking.Yes..we are here in Maela refugee camp and we are under no action of UNHCR and we are far away with family and we feel we are hopeless,no future.We don’t trust junta election!we are also very suffering in refugee camp.I really proud of your address.

    May God Bless you and your Father.

    Aung Thu.
    Maela camp.Thailand

  110. Yes,
    You said right all, pls pls help us and wipe them (who’d changed the dress)

  111. Burmese guy says:

    Your speech is very impressive. It clearly reveals the real situation happening in Burma. I am extremely sorry for your father. I will pray for him.

  112. I proud of you..
    We need new generation like you !

  113. I am really proud of your speech for Burma.

  114. I really proud for you and for burmese lady,you speech like our mother daw aung san su kyi.FREE BURMA FOREVER.

  115. Hello! my sister, how u doing? I saw how brave you are!!! in the UK Labour party conference. You are like our mother, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi there. I am very proud of your speaking for Burma. I like you a lot.Be happy and healthy forever!!!!!!

    • @Arkan why do u have to compare with Aunty Su. She might be brave and well educated in a way but please dont compare. She knows her place and the will and the guts to fight and talk those speech. But she just another next generation. She has her own lost in her life, but Aunty Su has it more than u can imagine and still going strong. But the country is falling apart, what we can do now is hope and do the best for the country when the time comes.

    • Arkan ဆိုေတာ့ ရခုိင္တေယာက္ေပါ့။ အကိုလား အမလား ညီေလးလား ညီမေလးလား ဦးႀကီးလား ေဒၚႀကီးလား မသိပါ။ အေမစုနဲ႕ ႏိႈင္းစရာ သူ႕အေဖ ကိုေတာင္ ေထာင္ဝင္စာမေတြ႕ရဲပါလား။ ခင္ဗ်ားေကာလို႕ ေျပာရင္ ဟုတ္ကဲ့ အမ်ားသူငါလိုပဲ ေၾကာက္ေျပး ျပန္မရဲ တိုင္းတပါးမွာလဲ မ်က္ႏွာငယ္ဘဝပါ။ စစ္အစိုးရကို ေတာ္လွန္ခဲ့ေပမယ့္ ကိုယ့္အေဖက ေထာင္မက် တကယ္ေထာင္က်ရင္ေတာင္ လူမသိသူမသိေပါ့။ ကိုယ္တိုင္က ႐ွက္လြန္းလို႕ ဘာမွ မေျပာရဲခဲ့တာပါ။ ဘာမွမလုပ္ႏိုင္မွန္းသိရင္ ေထာင္က်ခံပါရဲ႕ဗ်ာ။ မ်ိဴးဆက္သစ္ေတြကို မီဒီယာနဲ႕ တိုင္းတပါးက ဖ်က္ဆီးခဲ့တာ ၾကာခဲ့ပါၿပီေလ။

      • ေအာင္ႏိုင္ says:


      • ေအာင္ႏိုင္ says:

        ေအ ေဝး အိုးဝင္းလာ old one လား မင္းဖေဝး။ မင္းအျမင္ယေလာက္ရာရွိေက သကာစားလီး။ ကၽြဲၿခီးရက ဖားေလာက္အဆင္က်လားဗ်လ္။ ငါနဲ႔မတူ ငါရန္သူျဖစ္နီး ဝမ္းနည္းပါယင့္ မ်ဳိးခ်စ္မ်က္ကန္းပညာရွိ။ ေက်းဇူးတင္ပါေရ။

  116. I Really Proud Out You SiS!
    respect of you!

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