New Year, New Hope and New Plans

The bells bring in 2011 and fresh hope in a new year, but it’s easy to feel stuck in groundhog day as another year passed with little movement towards any semblance of democracy or freedom in Burma. There re near record numbers of political prisoners and another journalist recently incarcerated hammers home the SPDC’s intentions for the future. Tell the world and pay the price. Bur no matter what threats and intentions they may have, they cannot silence the so-called ‘dissent’ that comes in the shape of defiance from those both inside and outside the country.
As 2011 starts to unfold our plans are well and truely underway like never before. We have been working very hard behind the scenes and there is excitement and anticipation in equal measures about the many journeys ahead. Two years later from the start of this project and we have photographed over 180 former political prisoners, travelling more than 55,000 miles to 6 different countries. The support for us and more importantly our message has been overwhelming at times and our thanks go out to everyone, but in particular our colleagues at AAPP and DVB and all those who cannot be named or mentioned. This year we will continue where we left off but there will be more diversification with new ideas and new projects that are in development. This blog will also become more diversified as all new work and projects will be run through here in one place. There is excitement and risk in equal measures but the stories must continue to be told. All will be revealed soon. The waiting is almost over…

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