The Lady Awaits As The End Of The Road Draws Near

The barriers are gone but the shackles have not been removed. A simple drive down University Avenue, past the bright yellow gates of number 54 that for so long have kept the Lady of Burma a prisoner in her own home, still strikes fear into the heart of most. Military Intelligence officers still sit outside, lurking in the bushes, noting down those who pass and with far greater interest anyone who should enter. The first time I made this journey I walked, managing to slip past an unobservant soldier too busy sleeping to notice me sneak past the barriers, creeping in the shadows. On reaching 54 I paused outside the gates (a fading green back in those days) for a fleeting second or two and imagined what lay behind… and now as destiny awaits the end of the road draws near…

Full details on Thursday 28th April…

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