RFA Interview and the PX3 Victory for Burma

Nice to chat with my friends from RFA again – especially having just been there last week in the DC headquarters and even more so to Ma Ingjin (wife of my friend Ko Thar Nyunt Oo who works at VOA). Thanks for the interview and article on my work.

Read the article here online on the Radio Free Asia website

Listen to the audio interview below – click play on the audioplayer

On Achieving Democracy Over Tea With The Lady

Aung San Suu Kyi at her home in Rangoon – February 2011

A short message from Daw Aung San Suu Kyi reminding everyone to continue to use their liberty to help promote Burma’s. After all if you did nothing for Burma it would make no difference to your life…

Click below to listen to audio: 

The Lady on political prisoners and her thoughts on the disciplined democracy on offer by Burma’s ‘new’ government. Click below to listen to audio:

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Interviews All Round But Caution Abound

The media frenzy continues as the world waits in delight and anticipation to hear Daw Aung San Suu Kyi speak (some appearing increasingly desperate to speak to the Lady themselves whilst those both trusted and respected are able to share her words with the world). Almost every leading campaigner and activist gave a media interview of one sort or another over the past few days, but there is always a moment when a new leading voice can be heard for the first time and most certainly not the last, usurping many others around her. Jacqueline San, a leading campaigner at Burma Campaign UK and also for Burma’s political prisoners as a whole as part of the team producing this project gave a radio interview along with Baroness Caroline Cox from HART – click on the player below to listen:

Jacqueline San stands in solidarity with Burma’s political prisoners outside 10 Downing Street

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Burma, Political Prisoners and Oppression: An Interview on Iranian State TV

Talking on Iranian State TV about oppression and political prisoners might seem like a contradiction in terms, and on the bizarrely named PRESS TV channel as well (an oxymoron if ever there was one). But no matter, we did the interview and spoke about Burma, it’s political prisoners and the forthcoming election:

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Radio Free Asia Interview at The Amnesty Exhibition

Just before the exhibition launched on Monday evening Radio Free Asia (RFA) did an interview with me about political prisoners and Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International UK, also joined us. Thanks to Ma Aye Hnin Nyo for the interview – it was broadcast back into Burma on 24th June.

You can listen to it below by clicking on the icon:

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The Rights Exposure Project Interview

Click HERE to read the full interview (in other words me hopefully speaking coherently about Burma’s political prisoners)

For the Rights Exposure Project the concept is simple – to explore the use of visual media, primarily photography and video – in social activism. The project, started in January 2009 by Rob Godden, looks to engage with communities, organisations and individuals interested in using visual tools in innovative and effective ways to lever positive change. So a massive thanks to Rob for inviting me to do an interview – and apologies for taking so long to get the answers back to you in full!

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Success Shared with The Irrawaddy

Firstly I must say a very BIG thank-you to everyone for their messages of congratulations. They are very heartfelt and I am so very grateful for all of your support. It’s a huge honour to receive recognition but it all really belongs to the people who the work is about. Following on from yesterday’s award success there were two more articles written today… keep the awareness levels rising is all I can say. So a BIG thanks to ‘The Irrawaddy’ who ran a really great article (cheers Colin) you can read the article here or click the image below for a pdf.

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Making Contact At Last – The Interview

The second article published today was by Emily Graham at ‘Contact Editions‘. Contact has been established as a dynamic online space where lovers and collectors of photography can find and support the work they love, providing a funding platform for both established and emerging photographers. It’s run by Emily Graham and Anna Stevens and I was lucky enough to be asked to do a full interview with them about the project – in fact we had first spoken about doing this some months ago and it’s perfect timing that it’s published today. You can read the interview on the Contact Editions website.

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The Public be Warned of Interviews in the Airwaves – RFA, VOA & BBC

Following on from the announcement earlier today of the double award recognition at the ‘Prix de la Photographie Paris 2010’ awards for both this project for Burma’s political prisoners and my other recent work for the Mae Tao clinic the airwaves were full of us saboteurs as RFA, VOA and BBC all kindly did interviews with me allowing me the opportunity to talk about Burma’s political prisoners as well as the Mae Tao clinic and the refugee situation for a change.

MRTV broadcasts warnings of ‘killers in the airwaves’

You can read an article about the two award victories here on the RFA website or you can listen to the ‘killers in the airwaves’ doing interviews below:

Click below to listen to the 3 interviews:

BBC Burmese interview 07 June 2010

BBC World Service ‘Outlook’ with Aunty

Early in May the BBC World Service contacted me about appearing on their radio programme “Outlook” to be interviewed by Matthew Banister about the project and campaign. It was a great opportunity to raise awareness for political prisoners and rather than have me tell the stories and issues I suggested that Daw Nita Yin Yin May accompany me as hearing from a former political prisoner first hand would be far more compelling. Thankfully the BBC thought it was a great idea and you can listen to the short interview below where Daw Nita talks about her experiences as a political prisoner in Burma.

Click HERE to listen to the interview

Many thanks to Aunty Nita for agreeing to accompany me to the interview and to the BBC World Service for the airtime to help raise awareness for Burma’s 2,199 currently detained.

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